In Italy advertising professional, then marketing communication director. In the USA retail manager.
Since April 2016 I'm employed in Speedway .
Since 2009 I had been employed in Goodwill Industries Manasota, up to the position of Store Manager.
2008 In September I was founding partner of DGN Media Italia, a commercial company for global marketing of the 837783 software for SMS privacy (till 2009).
In January I had been consulting the town of Venice for the development of all events linked to the its marking (till 2009).
2007 I was founding partner of, a digital worldwide network for marketing and communication services (till 2008).
2005 I started to collaborate in the La Quinta Group, to help developing its international network. In 2006 I was appointed as Managing Partner of the Sponsorship Division and in 2007 as Managing Partner of the Advertising and Sponsorship Division (till 2007).
2002 I had been Head of Marketing Communication of Reggiani Spa Illuminazione (till 2006).
1993 I had been Assistant to the Advertising Director in Vortice Elettrosociali Spa. I was promoted to Head of Foreign Corporate Communication (till 2002).
1991 In July I had been Marcomm Consultant for Olinet Direct Marketing (till 1993). I managed the "Dear Software House" DM campaign for Olivetti Italy, that won the D.M. Communication AIDIM Award.
1988 I produced a weekly sport program for a local television (Telenova).
1985 I had been working (with my father) as PR consultant. Major clients: Borletti, Philips, Fondazione Floriani (till 1988).
1984 First yearly working experience: stage at Gaffuri Graphic Design Boutique.
Webmarketing teacher. College Associate Professor for Strategic Marketing.
2001 I had been Associate Professor at the Design Faculty of the Politecnico University in Milan (till July 2005).
2000 I had been invited as speaker in seminars and congresses, such as "The corporate communication in the furniture market" (Assufficio) and "Advertising & Design: corporate communication's form and substance" (TP-Politecnico), "The exhibition stand: branding and ROI" ("Allestire & Comunicare" exposition), "Communication efficacy" (Italian Association for Work Studies), "The corporate value of advertising information" (TP), "Experience marketing, entertainment marketing? Personal Marketing " (MKT), "Global communication or back to the artisan shops?" (Istituto Design Palladio) and "Corporate Communication Scenario" (Entrepreneurs Association - Lecco) (till 2008).
I had been teaching corporate communication and Internet communication at
TP Servizi, European Design Institute, Scuola Arte & Messaggio, Cesma, ENAIP and CIS (till 2008).
Press contact for advertising subjects. Journalist on strategic marketing.
2008 In March I was interviewed by the Gazzetta dello Sport newspaper.
2007 Since May I had been editorialist for MF newspaper (till September 2008).
From February to May I had been editorialist for the on-line Spot and Web magazine.
2006 The Italian HR magazine "Persone e Conoscenze" published my article "From the company's experts to the Company's expertise".
Book writer and other activities
2006 Franco Angeli published my book "Cognosco ergo Valeo". The subject is Knowledge management and evaluation.
2003 I had been member to the Icann At-Large Organization and of the International Association of On-line Communicators (till 2005).
2001 I was President of Jury of the "Targa d'Oro - Multimedia, Internet and CDRom" (Premio Mario Bellavista) and member of jury for the "Net Culture Award" (organized by ADV Next). In the following years I had been President of Jury of "Netstar Award" (Premio Mediastar), and member of jury for the "Ufficiostile Communication Award", the "Internet Advertising Competition" and the "WebAward".
2000 I was elected to the Local Coordination of TP - Italian Advertisers Association. I was elected again in 2003, in 2006, in 2008, leaving the chair in April 2009.
1995 I had been Webmaster of the World Union of Jesuit Alumni (till 2013).
Master degree education
1997 I attended the "Multimedia Communication Master" at the ISC of Milan.
1996 In Paris I started learning the French language.
1991 I earned the Master degree in Italian Literature at the University of Milan. My final work is published by Alba Pompeia.
1983 I graduated from the Leone XIII High School.
I attended the Cesma's "Advertising and Communication" advanced course.
1979 I earned the First Certificate of English.
Dual citizenship. Born and lived in Italy for 45 years.
2009 I moved to the USA.
2002 My daughter was born.
1995 I got married.
1964 I was born in Milan on February 22nd.